Actively Different Investment Strategies

We are the partner of choice to a growing number of asset management boutiques offering equity, fixed income, and alternative investment solutions purpose-built to meet the goals of discerning investors.

our Approach

Active Management

F/m serves as a single point of access to an array of solutions-based strategies designed to meet a range of client objectives. Through our affiliated asset management partners, we offer investment solutions designed to meet both mainstream and niche investment needs for discerning asset allocators.

Working with investment advisors, family offices, consultants, and institutions, we serve clients by shedding light on previously undiscovered approaches and guiding them to harder-to-reach parts of the market. Currently, our affiliated managers offer solutions for an evolving set of challenges and opportunities facing investors including, but not limited to, identifying true impact investments, the rapid pace of innovation, and the hunt for yield.

Our Investment solutions

Purpose-built solutions


Impact investing demands active management. We offer clients access to sustainability alpha through exclusive investment opportunities in green energy infrastructure and model portfolios featuring the industry’s leading climate investors. Beyond environmental impact, we offer solutions aimed at portfolio impact: strategies and vehicle structures designed for specific portfolio goals, including enhancing diversification, mitigating equity volatility, reducing interest rate risk, and increasing tax efficiency.


Accelerating rates of change across all industries is driving investors to explore innovation-focused investment strategies. Active portfolio management through our affiliated asset managers, we offer investment professionals access to opportunities in digital assets, decentralized finance, disruptive technologies and innovations in biotechnology. We believe that active management and rigorous research are the keys to unlocking the significant potential in this space.


Attractive yield opportunities have become increasingly elusive. F/m offers investment professionals options to bridge the gap between their clients’ desired retirement income and the expected yield from traditional core bond products. These differentiated, yield-generating solutions include alternative fixed income strategies, investments renewable infrastructure projects, and dividend-yielding stock portfolios.

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