We are a business built on alignment


Founded in 1991, Emerald provides equity and fixed-income portfolio management services to institutional investors and to individual investors via separate account management, the Emerald Mutual Funds.

Research is the cornerstone of their equity investment strategies, what they call “The Emerald Advantage.” What makes them different is their 13 member in-house research team using a proprietary 10-Step research process dedicated to hands-on, fundamental research specifically designed to identify unrecognized and under-researched growth companies. Emerald also provides investors with fixed income separate account strategies using a combination of proprietary quantitative models and fundamental analysis.

Emerald is headquartered in Leola, Pennsylvania with additional offices in King of Prussia, Pittsburgh, and Radnor Pennsylvania, and Cleveland, Ohio. Emerald managed approximately $6.0 billion as of March 31, 2021.

Parent company Emerald Asset Management was founded in 1991. Subsidiary companies include Emerald Separate Account Management, LLC, Emerald Advisers, LLC, Emerald Mutual Fund Advisers Trust, and EmStone Advisers, LLC.

Ziegler Capital Management is the right fit when looking for a partner that combines strength of resources with personal attention and flexibility. They offer timely solutions to evolving market opportunities while maintaining a personal connection with every client.

Clients choose Ziegler Capital Management knowing they have a partner who cares as much about their future as they do. While they have a track record of delivering results, they are not constrained by structure or limited in response. They adapt to their clients’ needs.

They provide opportunities and resources for their employees to partner with charitable organizations in active support of their communities and those dear to our hearts. Not 
only do the organizations they work with benefit, it allows their diverse professionals to work and grow in a collaborative culture.

Greenbacker was founded in 2011, with the objective of bringing sustainable energy and other infrastructure investment opportunities to market.

They invest in a portfolio of income-producing renewable energy facilities and energy-related ventures, with holdings diversified across geography, size, and power source (e.g., solar, wind, energy storage).

These projects sell power under long-term contract to high-credit-quality counterparties, including utilities, municipalities, and corporations.

Mar Vista’s purpose is to create value for our investors by Generating unique risk-adjusted returns that exceed the opportunity cost of investing in a passive index.

They believe their mission requires a conviction to be different in how we think, behave and invest. Their team has purposely built durable competitive advantages into our investment framework, culture, business structure and economic incentives that we believe minimize the internal and external pressures that cause most active managers to underperform over time.

With their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and operations in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Mar Vista is a minority-led investment management firm serving the needs of a variety of clients, including institutions, foundations, pensions, endowments, trusts, and high net worth individuals.

Wavelength Capital Management was founded in 2013 as an independent investment management firm.

From its inception, the firm’s mission has been consistent — we strive to deliver exceptional value to clients through consistent investment returns while maintaining the highest levels of ethical conduct and professional integrity.

As an SEC–registered1 independent provider of investments, the firm is focused on managing liquid, transparent, and cost–effective investment products designed to preserve assets and produce consistent returns in any economic environment. Wavelength’s experienced team has helped institutions, individuals and financial advisors meet the challenges of a changing investment environment with phisticated investment strategies, thought leadership, and a consistent commitment to client service throughout the course of the firm’s history.

Focused on sustainable investing, Gitterman Wealth Management sits at the intersection of science and capital markets. 

Founded in 2010, Gitterman is a recognized leader in sustainable investing leader that provides innovative solutions for financial professionals seeking actively managed, impact-oriented investment opportunities. As a fiduciary with a long-term focus, the team at Gitterman believes it is critical to systematically evaluate all relevant risks and opportunities. As ESG topics are dynamic, complex, and often interactive, they require the deep research and analyses associated with active management. 

Their SMART (Sustainability Metrics Applied to Risk Tolerance)® Investing Solutions provide Financial Professionals access to global climate-aware allocation strategies. They are core holdings, tailored for risk tolerance, designed for above average risk-adjusted returns, and deliver the meaningful impact investors seek.